Platinum Vapes’ Indica is perfect for those days spent curled up on a couch, a soothing relaxing evening or getting a restful night’s sleep. Regarding the design and architectural of these vapes, they use state-of-the-art CCELL cartridges to house premium cannabis oil. CCELL's ceramic heating element eliminates the burning taste other cartridges can have. The holes in these CCELL cartridges are double the size when compared to other cartridges. This allows for a better flow, easier pull, and nearly 0% clog rate- meaning no wasted oil. Platinum Vapes' CCELL cartridges work on all standard threaded batteries. Lastly, it's important that their vapes taste as pleasant as they look, so they curate only the highest quality cannabis flower from trusted growers to use in their oils.

Cheesecake Cartridge | 1g

  • Indica